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Sianjur Mula Mula, a very historic area in the Batak people's stories, lies at the foot of the mountain Pusuk Buhit. Was the place where the origin of the Batak ancestors. From where the hobo spread to eight cardinal directions, Purba, Anggoni, Dangsina, Nariti, Pastia, Mangadia, North, Irisanna, (East, Southeast, South, Western Power, Western, Northwest, North, Northeast). Place of origin are descendants of Guru Tatea Moon King Uti, Sariburaja, Siboru pareme, Limbong Mulana, Siboru Paromas, Sagalaraja, biding Siboru sea, Silauraja, Nan Tinjo, Moon, Sibunga Pandan

How to get to Limbong Sagala
From Singapore, Kuala Lumpur or Jakarta you can go by plane to Polonia International Airport in Medan, If you choose using public transportation you got to get to Pinang Baris Bus Station,or using travel car/bus from Airport to go to Parapat, it's about 4 or 5 hours to get to Parapat. It takes about 90 minutes by Ferry from Parapat AJIBATA FERRY port to Samosir Island TOMOK Port. At Samosir islan you can rent a bicycle or motorcycle, also a boat to explore Toba Lake, from Tomok you can take a Public Transportation to get to Limbong Sagala to see the first original Batak land. Also called Sianjur Mula-Mula, where the Batak People History start, there are Batu Hobon as the picture below, Pusuk Buhit Mountain ( a sacral Batak Mountain ), and the statue of first Batak ancestor. You can also enjoy the Hot water spring, and Aek sipitu dai or Seven taste water

Toba Lake
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Batak traditional Home
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Limbong Sagala Village
(the original Batak tribe place) by daniel harahap from

Pusuk Buhit, the sacral Mountain of Batak tribe
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Limbong Sagala Village

Hot water spring

Statue of Original ancestor of Batak tribe

Batu Hobon Legend
believed as a hidden treasure of first Batak king by

Batu Hobon Legend
believed as a hidden treasure of first Batak king

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