6. Command Center I

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5. Forgiveness

source : www.winwellness.org

A Time of Healing




4. Sunlight

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3. Exercise

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source : www.winwellness.org

Hope in a Hopeless World


source : www.winwellness.org


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An Overview


A millionaire at age 56, Stan Zundel was a handsome, imposing man. From outward appearances he

Breathe On Me lyrics

In humble adoration
I kneel your throne
In brokenness i seek your face alone
Above you there’s no other
Who’s able to restore my soul
Come and make me whole

Breathe on me
Power of god come in and change me
You are all i need
Holy spirit breathe on me

Break Me Lord lyrics

Break me, lord
I need you to break me
Break me, lord
I need you to break me

Broken before you i stand
Needing the touch of your hand
Desperate for your embrace
One glimpse of your lovely face

Heal me, lord
I need you heal me
Heal me, lord
I need you heal me

Safe in your presence i sing
Hidden in your healing wings
Clothed in a garment of grace
The winds of the world i can face

Because Of Love lyrics


Because of love He left His throne
And made this Earth His home
He did it willingly
For you and me
With heaven left behind
He came to save all mankind
From sin and shame
He could have walked away
But instead He chose
To stay upon that tree
And take a crown of thrones for me
Because of love


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