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nPower PEG Your Movement Creates Electricity

Your Movement Creates Electricity






Your Movement Creates Electricity

The nPower® PEG is the world's 1st human-powered charger for hand-held electronics.

It uses the energy you generate while walking, running, or biking to charge your smart phone, music player, GPS, and other devices.

Never Lose Battery Power Again

The PEG gives you access to backup battery power even when you're away from a wall outlet. As long as you're moving, your PEG is charging itself without any additional effort on your part. When your device needs a charge, just plug in to your PEG and press the button.

–Rain or shine, day or night, you'll have backup battery power.


How It Works

Place your nPower® PEG in your backpack, briefcase, or purse and go about your daily activities. As you move, your PEG harvests your kinetic energy & stores it for use when you need it: When you are on the go, away from the grid.

The PEG is Easy to Use

  1. Place the nPower® PEG upright in your favorite bag
  2. Walk, run, or bike
  3. Connect the PEG to your cell phone, Mp3 player, or other hand-held device
  4. Press the button. -Your nPower® PEG will begin charging your device from your personal, renewable energy

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