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So Amazing (psalm 139) lyrics

All the lyrics is copyrighted and is featuring all the music lyrics for non-commercial use only.


So Amazing (psalm 139) lyrics

Where can I go from Your presence where You don't abide
You're Heaven, You're on earth, You consume my every side
If Try to hide You will still be there
Holy Spirit of God, You are everywhere

Even if I go to the uttermost parts of the sea
And if say, “Surely the darkness shall fall on me”
Indeed the darkness shall not hide its shadows from You
And with the morning sun I awaken to You
You have covered me even in my mother’s womb

You are so amazing to me
You scheduled my life before I could breathe
You are thinking of me constantly, constantly
You are so amazing to me

Search me Oh God, know my heart, know my anxieties
Try me Oh Lord, see if there’s any wicked way
Oh and You understand my thought from afar
And You know my ways thought there are no words on my tongue
In the way everlasting You’re leading me on

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