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Sagala Raja

Guru Tatea Bulan has five son descent namely Raja Uti, Sariburaja, Limbongmulana, Sagalaraja, and the last Silauraja.

This site was created as a memorial to Ompu Sagalaraja, one of the various sites in the virtual world to commemorate the existence of an ancestor of the Batak people of Sagalaraja.

Sagalaraja raja has several son named based on their land of birth such as : Bangunrea (Hutaruar) means Outer village with sub-clan Lumbanparik,Rumapintu,Simangariring,Galungan,Parbunbunan, Hutabagas means Inner village with sub-clan Hutabagas and Hutabalian & Hutaurat with sub-clan Raja Oloan & Raja Risan

Sagalaraja descendants have spread through out the archipelago, even all over the world, presumably we can give our contribution to preserve the stories of history

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