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Peace speaker lyrics

<p><strong>Peace Speaker lyrics</strong><br /> It was such a lovely day<br /> and the sun was shinning bright<br /> A gentle breeze was blowin my way,<br /> not a storm cloud in sight<br /> And suddenly without a warming,<br /> a storm surrounded mylife<br /> But even in the storm, i can feel the calm,<br /> and here´sthe reason why</p> <p> CHORUS<br /> I know the Peacespeaker,<br /> I know Him by my name<br /> I know the Peacespeaker,<br /> He controls the winds and waves<br /> When He says "peace, be still",<br /> they have in obey<br /> I´m glad I know the Peacespeaker,<br /> yes I know Him by name</p> <p> There´s never been another man<br /> with the power of this friend<br /> By simply saying "peace, be still"<br /> He can calm the strongest wind<br /> So now I´ll never sorry when storm clouds come my way<br /> I know that He is near to drive away my fear,<br /> and I can smile and say</p> <p> REPEAT CHORUS</p> <p> Peace, peace, wonderful peace.<br /> Coming down from the Father above</p> <p> REPEAT CHORUS<br />  <br />  <br /> All the lyrics is copyrighted and is featuring all the music lyrics for non-commercial use only</p>

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