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Lily Of The Valley lyrics

<p>the lyrics is copyrighted and is featuring all the music lyrics for non-commercial use only.</p> <p>Lily Of The Valley lyrics</p> <p>(Album: Sheer Heart Attack, 1974)</p> <p>"I am forever searching high and low<br /> But why does everybody tell me no<br /> Neptune of the seas have you an answer for me please<br /> The lily of the valley doesn't know</p> <p>I lie in wait with open eyes<br /> I carry on through stormy skies<br /> I follow every course<br /> My kingdom for a horse<br /> But each time I grow old<br /> Serpent of the Nile<br /> Relieve me for a while<br /> And cast me from your spell - let me go</p> <p>Messenger from seven seas has flown<br /> To tell the king of Rhye he's lost his throne<br /> Wars will never cease<br /> Is there time enough for peace<br /> But the lily of the valley doesn't grow."</p>

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