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Killer Queen lyrics

<p>Killer Queen lyrics</p> <p>She keeps Moet et Chandon<br /> In her pretty cabinet<br /> 'Let them eat cake' she says<br /> Just like Mary Antoinette<br /> A built-in remedy<br /> For Kruschev and Kennedy<br /> At anytime an invitation<br /> You can't decline</p> <p>Caviar and cigarettes<br /> Well versed in etiquette<br /> Extraordinarily nice</p> <p>[CHORUS:]<br /> She's a Killer Queen<br /> Gunpowder, gelatine<br /> Dynamite with a laser beam<br /> Guaranteed to blow your mind<br /> Anytime</p> <p>Recommended at the price<br /> Insatiable an appetite<br /> Wanna try?</p> <p>To avoid complications<br /> She never kept the same address<br /> In conversation<br /> She spoke just like a baroness<br /> Met a man from China<br /> Went down to Geisha Minah<br /> Then again incidentally<br /> If you're that way inclined</p> <p>Perfume came naturally from Paris<br /> For cars she couldn't care less<br /> Fastidious and precise</p> <p>[CHORUS]</p> <p>Drop of a hat she's as willing as<br /> Playful as a pussy cat<br /> Then momentarily out of action<br /> Temporarily out of gas<br /> To absolutely drive you wild, wild<br /> She's all out to get you</p> <p>[CHORUS]</p> <p>Recommended at the price<br /> Insatiable an appetite<br /> Wanna try?<br /> You wanna try</p>

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