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Khashoggi's Ship lyrics

<p>Khashoggi's Ship lyrics</p> <p>(Album: The Miracle, 1989)</p> <p>"Who said that my party was all over, huh, huh<br /> I'm in pretty good shape<br /> The best years of my life are like a super nova<br /> A huh, huh, perpetual craze, I said that<br /> Everybody drank my wine - you get my drift<br /> And then we took a holiday on Khashoggi's ship - well<br /> We really had a good good time they was all so sexy<br /> We was bad, we was blitzed<br /> All in all it was a pretty good trip</p> <p>This big bad sucker with a fist as big as your head<br /> Wanted to get me, I said go away<br /> I said kiss my ass honey<br /> He pulled out a gun, wanted to arrest me<br /> I said uh, uh, babe<br /> Now listen no-one stops my party<br /> No-one stops my party<br /> No-one, no-one, no-one stops my party<br /> Just like I said, ooh<br /> We were phased, we was pissed<br /> Just having a total eclipse<br /> Bop bop, ba dap bap, ee bap bap bap be dap bap, be de dee, hey<br /> That's good, oh, oo ooo ooooo<br /> This one's on me so let us do it just right<br /> This here one party don't get started 'till midnight<br /> Hey, ahh, everybody<br /> Party to the left<br /> Party to the right<br /> Everyone in the middle doing all up all right<br /> All right, hey<br /> ???<br /> Doing all right<br /> Hey, hey hah, hey hey right<br /> Left - right<br /> No-one stops my... haaaa..."</p>

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