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Is This The World We Created lyrics

<p>Is This The World We Created lyrics</p> <p>Just think of all those hungry mouths we have to feed<br /> Take a look at all the suffering we breed<br /> So many lonely faces scattered all around<br /> Searching for what they need.<br /> Is this the world we created<br /> What did we do it for<br /> Is this the world we invaded<br /> Against the law<br /> So it seems in the end<br /> Is this what we're all living for today<br /> The world that we created.<br /> You know that everyday a helpless child is born<br /> Who needs some loving care inside a happy home<br /> Somewhere a wealthy man is sitting on his throne<br /> Waiting for life to go by.<br /> Is this the world we created, we made it on our own<br /> Is this the world we devasted, right to the bone<br /> If there's a God in the sky looking down<br /> What can he think of what we've done<br /> To the world that He created.</p>

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