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Indonesian Tax Case

<p>As Role Model, North Luwu Regent Files Annual Tax Return 2012<br />  <br /> North Luwu regent, Arifin Junaidi filed annual tax return for year 2012 at the Lobby of the North Luwu District Office during the Taxpayers Role Model Week event on Wednesday, March 13, 2013. In that event, Arjuna (North Luwu regent's nickname) appealed to all officials and civil servants at the North Luwu local government and people who have become taxpayer to file annual tax returns and pay tax.</p> <p> "Tax in terms of religion is obligatory such as almsgiving (zakat), and will be sinful for people who deliberately evade their tax obligations. Taxation is the highest duty of all citizens. It is a part of defending the country, so the taxpayers are now the nation's patriot for the Nation future," said Arjuna.</p> <p> Arjuna highly appreciated the activities carried out by the Directorate General of Taxes (DGT) in this case the Masamba Tax Service, Counseling, and Consultation Office (TSC2O). "With this activity, tax could be closer to the community. People who have understand the rights and obligations of taxes certainly will dutifully carry out these obligations. Especially if they have realized the importance of the role of the tax," said Arjuna.</p> <p> This event which was held for the first time the North Luwu district was also attended by the North Luwu Vice Regent, Indah Putri Indriani and the North Luwu District Secretary, Mudjahidin Ibrahim, as well as some heads of the local government. They all attended as role models to the community, especially the taxpayers, to convey that the regional leaders have also the same responsibility as the general public in tax obligations, including the obligation to file annual tax return.</p> <p> Mustadir, Head of the Masamba TSC2O in his speech appreciate the regent of North Luwu and his officials due to the synergies that have been built so far so that the tax socializations and activities can work well. This synergy has contributed in the growth of tax revenue in North Luwu of 29.5% in 2012.</p> <p> During the event which was held until Friday, March 15, 2013, Masamba TSC2O provided tax return receiving service, Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) registration and Help Desk or tax consultation services.</p> <p> According to the data collected by the DGT, the tax compliance in filing annual tax return in 2011 is quite high. More than 60% taxpayers have filed their tax return in 2011. It is expected the tax compliance in filing annual tax return would be better in 2012.</p> <p> In accordance to that, this time, the DGT has provided Annual Tax Return Filing Drop Box in several locations. By this innovation, the taxpayer can file their Annual Tax Return without having to come to the tax office, but can file it in some easy to reach leading business spots, such as malls, shopping centres, or office area. Upon this, the DGT has got a lot of recognition for providing easiness in filing tax return through Drop Box.</p> <p> Nowadays, Drop Box is not only placed in crowded business centre. Upon special request of the taxpayer, the tax office can serve to pick up tax return for employees in mass quantities. Other privilege is that this service is free of charge. The Drop Box itself is now directly getting appreciation from the public. This is evidenced by the high volume of traffic visitor on the Drop Box information channel at the official website of the DGT (<a href=""></a>). Obviously with excellent service, it is expected that the tax compliance in filing tax return will increase from year to year.</p> <p> In order to facilitate the delivery of tax returns for the 1770-S form and the 1770-SS form, the DGT also has provided online tax return filing through e-Filing application. With this application, taxpayers may file their tax return via the Internet by visiting <a href=""></a>. The existence of e-Filing application has been promoted extensively by the DGT and it is expected to replace the role of the Drop Box service in the future.<br />  <br /><a href="">Source</a><br />  </p>

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