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Buetooth talking glove!

Buetooth talking glove!

Buetooth talking glove!
hi-Call Man Black is the new sensational product for winter 2012. A pair of warm gloves, perfect for every sport, from skiing to running, with hi-Call you can control the touch screen of your smartphone thanks to the capacitive technology.
The left glove has a speaker and a microphone sewed into thumb and little finger, in order to speak to the phone, while protecting from cold

Charging cable microUSB to USB included
Operating range: 12m
Battery lasts up to: standby 24h - conversation 20h
Colors: black, grey

Compatible with:
all mobile phones with Bluetooth


compatible with
iPhone and most
of Bluetooth mobiles


Main functions
1) Switch on hi-Call.
To switch on hi-Call hold the power button (3) until the LED (2) turns
on. Afterwards hi-Call automatically connects itself to the last
paired device, if available, and the LED (2) flashes slowly in blue to
confirm the connection. If there is no available paired device or if it
is out of range of hi-Call, it switches to pairing mode after 4 minutes
and after other 2 minutes it turns off in order to avoid battery
2) Pair hi-Call to a Bluetooth device.
The first time you switch on hi-Call, it is set in pairing mode,
identified by the LED (2), which flashes alternately red and blue.
Now you can select hi-Call from the list of found devices on your
4)USB charging plug
2)Multifunction LED
7)Conductive fabric
3)Power button
1)Multifunction button
User manual
compatible with
iPhone and most
of Bluetooth mobiles
mobile phone or other Bluetooth compatible devices, within 2
minutes. If during this time lapse hi-Call is not paired to any device
it turns off automatically. As soon as the device is paired the
indication LED (2) flashes slowly in blue.
Now is possible to make and receive calls with hi-Call.
If hi-Call was previously paired to a different device, it can be
switched again in pairing mode in order to pair it to another
device. You need to un-pair hi-Call from the paired device (check on
the device userʼs manual). At first the LED (2) will start flashing in
blue for a few seconds and afterwards hi-Call will switch in pairing
mode, signalled by the LED (2), which will flash alternately red and
3) Switch off hi-Call.
To switch off hi-Call hold the power button (3) until the LED (2)
flashes twice in quick succession. Immediately will hi-Call turn itself
Make and receive phone calls
If hi-Call is paired to a mobile phone, it is possible to make and
receive phone calls thanks to the microphone and the auricular
placed respectively on the little finger and on the thumb of the left
glove. The buttons which control hi-Call functions are placed on the
back side of the glove over the wrist.
1)Answer an incoming call.
To answer an incoming call press briefly the multifunction button
2) End a phone call.
To end a phone call press briefly the multifunction button (1) when
you want to end the call.
3) Reject an incoming call.
To reject an incoming call hold the multifunction button (1) for 2
second, then release it. The incoming call is rejected.
4) Activate voice dialing / voiceover / Siri.
When there are no calls in progress it is possible to activate voice
dialing / voiceover / Siri from your mobile phone using hi-Call.
To activate voice dialing / voiceover / Siri hold the multifunction
button (1) until you hear a tone from the speaker on the thumb of
your left glove, afterwards release the multifunction button (1);
when you hear the second tone you can pronounce the command.
5) Call the last selected number.Press twice (double click) the
multifunction button (1).
All the previous functions are available if supported by the paired
Charge hi-Call
When the hi-Call battery is run-down, the indication LED (2) starts
flashing red. It indicates that in a few minutes hi-Call will be turn
itself off in order to protect the battery.
To charge the battery connect the hi-Callʼs MicroUSB plug to a
power source such as an USB port of your computer, a car charger
or a wall charger compatible with standard USB.
It is possible to charge hi-Call while in use. In this case the indication
LED (2) flashes red until the battery is fully charged. If you
disconnect the source while hi-Call is charging, it will turn off in
order to preserve it from power surges.
As soon as hi-Call is connected to a power source, the indication
LED (2) lights on in red and it turns off once the battery is fully
charged. Now it is possible to disconnect hi-Call from the power
Technical specifications:
Battery life: until 12 hours
Battery duration on standby: until 10 days
Charge time: about 30 minutes
Operating range: >10 metres (>30 metres outdoor)
-Never immerse hi-Call in water and do not wash it in a washing
machine. hi-Call is not waterproof but is possible to dry-clean it
using solvents.
- Follow the local rules about mobile phones usage and their
accessories while driving.
- Keep hi-Call out of the reach of small children to avoid chocking
- Switch off hi-Call before a flight. Do not use it on a plane if not
permitted by the airline.
- Keep hi-Call dry and avoid humidity. - Switch off hi-Call before a
flight. Do not use it on a plane if not permitted by the airline.
- Keep hi-Call dry and avoid humidity.
- Disconnect hi-Call from charging cable before polishing it.
- Do not try to repair or modify hi-Call. Its components are cannot
be repaired by the user.
- Do not use hi-Call if it does get wet.
- Do not try to open, disassemble or overcharging the lithium-ion
battery of
hi-Call: danger of explosion.
- At the end of battery lifecycle do not dispose it as household
waste. Dispose of batteries according to local regulations. Please
recycle when possible.

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