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Adonai lyrics

<p>One single drop of rain<br /> Your salty tear became blue ocean<br /> One tiny grain of sand turning in your hand<br /> A world in motion<br /> You're out beyond the furthest Morning Star<br /> Close enough to hold me in Your arms</p> <p> coro:<br /> Adonai, I lift up my heart and I cry<br /> My Adonai<br /> You are the Maker of each moment<br /> Father of my hope and freedom<br /> Oh, my Adonai</p> <p> One timid faithful knock<br /> Resounds up the Rock of Ages<br /> One trembling heart and soul<br /> Becomes a servant bold and courageous<br /> You call across the mountains and the seas<br /> I answer from the deepest part of me</p> <p> (coro)</p> <p> From age to age you reign in Majesty<br /> And today You're making miracles in me</p> <p> (coro)<br />  <br />  <br /> All the lyrics is copyrighted and is featuring<br /> all the music lyrics for non-commercial use only.</p>

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